From My Garden To Your Home

Bello Blooms began in 2021 as a creative endeavor to bring more beauty & joy into the world through flowers.


"Bello", of course, means "beautiful" in Spanish & happens to be my married name.


 Small Plot, Big Dreams

Bello Blooms' tiny but mighty flower patch is stocked with beautiful heirloom flowers and fragrant herbs grown in harmony with nature (we avoid pesticides, use natural pest repellents and vigilantly conserve water). We currently grow on a small private plot, yet we dream of expanding in the future to create a welcoming community space where you can come & pick your own blooms.

 Bring Nature Indoors

Our aesthetic is informed by the unique bounty of each season. Our flowers & botanicals shine in loosely gathered, whimsical arrangements that create a “fresh from the garden” signature look. Inspired by Petaluma Valley's natural beauty, we're always scanning our surroundings for unexpected ingredients that add a pop of texture or unexpected "je ne sais quoi" to our bouquets.

 Inspired by Family & Travel

Both my mother and grandmother loved flowers and some of my fondest childhood memories are of spending summers in my grandmother’s backyard - a lush, tropical landscape where my cousins and I felt protected by a wall of pink & white Oleanders that sheltered us from the afternoon sun.

Later in life, as I traveled throughout Central America & the Caribbean, I was inspired by the intentional way that flowers were used in architectural designs, window-scapes, cobblestone alleys, hidden courtyards and even cultural traditions like Semana Santa in Guatemala. The beauty of a bougainvillea vine creeping up a dilapidated wall would stop me in my tracks.  I needed more flowers in my life.

After moving back home to Petaluma, I dreamt of spending my days planting seeds, tending the land, and sharing home-grown flowers. I began reading voraciously & learning from expert farmer-florists: how they got started, what they grew, what challenges they faced. Was small scale flower farming even a thing, I wondered? Apparently it was a thing....and as of 2021, it would be my thing.

I can't wait to help you make someone's day by sending flowers.

Thank you for being here!


Kara Klinge Bello