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Spreading beauty & joy one bouquet at a time


Find our flowers at every Thursday - Sunday at Tenfold Farmstand, 5300 Rd Hill Road, Petaluma, California, 94952.

Bello Blooms is a micro-flower farm in Petaluma's Liberty Valley. We grow specialty cut flowers to help you spread joy by sharing lush, seasonal bouquets with your favorite humans.


From Petaluma
with love

"Bello" (pronounced "Bay-o") means beautiful in Spanish, but we're more than just pretty flowers:

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Grown & harvested with care in

rural West Petaluma, CA.

Sustainable & Seasonal

Intentionally grown with our ecosystem and community in mind. .

Fresh & Fragrant

Heirloom flower varieties & fragrant herbs create lush garden bouquets.


No More Flowers Covered In Chemicals

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Did you know that over 80% of America’s flowers are imported, cut 12-14 days before you buy them? The majority of these flowers are drenched in herbicides and pesticides, harming Mother Earth, the workers who tend to them, and the bees who pollinate them.


At Bello Blooms we grow chemical-free flowers using organic farming principles. Flowers you can feel good about smelling & handling. Flowers grown in harmony with nature. Rather than importing stems from thousands of miles away, we grow & offer seasonal blooms that thrive in Petaluma's micro-climate. 

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